Focusing on people

The final stage of the Insightstream is refinement. This is focused on two key areas:

Customer management: benchmarking your customer management provides a structured, objective methodology to help you analyse, define and manage your customers more effectively for short- and long-term returns.
Change management: this helps your staff to improve their customer focus and make best use of the platforms and services available to them.

As part of the refinement process, Insightstream reviews your business’s approach to its customers and provides you with a structured improvement plan. The lessons from refinement activities provide valuable data that we can feed back into the next cycle of your Insightstream.

Benchmarking your business

We are associates of leading customer-management consultancies WCL and The Customer Framework. We’re also licensed practitioners of their structured-review and benchmarking tools. This means we can review your customer management policies and position you against industry best practice, based on an objectively researched database.

Our work with large organisations has helped them to identify opportunities to rapidly increase revenue and decrease costs in their customer management operations. Projects are typically ‘cost neutral’: the benefits they accrue early on help pay for longer-term investments.