Insight Pilot Service

Insight Stream Pilot

A Pilot is a highly experienced mariner who uses his detailed knowledge of local waterways to manoeuvre ships through dangerous or congested waters. Insight Stream is, therefore, proud to name its new platform after this highly regarded, noble profession.

Insight Stream is proud to announce its new Insight Pilottm service, optimised specially for global B2B data. Insight Pilot provides sophisticated end-to-end customer data management functionality specifically geared towards the B2B community. Uniquely, Insight Pilot also incorporates a data quality management toolkit ensuring real-time management of the complex B2B data components. It is a cloud solution providing very low costs implementation with a high degree of customer service.

Supporting and integrating both online and offline data, this cloud-based service provides Insight Stream’s clients with a uniquely powerful data maintenance environment with which they can capture, store, enhance and improve their data as well as conduct targeted email campaigns.

Key features of the Insight Pilot service include the ability to:

  • Identify and track web visitors and capture new leads by appending detailed business information and senior contacts to transient web leads
  • Build detailed contact history based on your leads’ online activity
  • Add decision making knowledge via data analytics and reporting
  • Plan and run sophisticated email and mailing campaigns with detailed tracking, timing and response or ‘event’ triggers
  • Track email ‘opens’, click-throughs and responses and automate follow up campaigns according to response type
  • Manage leads from creation to close
  • Access and incorporate social media to enrich customer knowledge
  • Maintain and enhance data quality and manage opt-in and opt-out requests
  • Incorporate detailed deduplication and maintenance of ‘single customer view’
  • Manage global b2b data with uniform quality

Why choose Insight Pilot?

  • Cloud solution minimizes IT complexity
  • Based on a dedicated B2B data quality engine
  • Actively manages B2B data quality and completeness
  • Connects with hundreds of software tools via API so retain the best parts of existing systems
  • Ultra-low cost – high levels of customer support
  • Rapid to implement and in parallel to existing tools preventing BAU downtime
  • Can be rolled out as required preventing ‘functionality overload’
  • Provided by Insight Stream – leaders in Global B2B data applications


Insight Stream Director and COO, industry veteran Geoff Downer, says “The new Insight Pilot service is not intended to replace a client’s fully integrated CRM platform – but rather to improve its efficiency by providing a lead building and nurturing environment that is swift to set up, low cost and easy to use. Clients can nurture and develop their leads, suspects and prospects along their own ‘Insightstream’ until they are fully qualified, and might then transfer them into their CRM platform if they need to integrate them into company-wide management. Equally though, many smaller clients may well be happy to use this platform as their sole relationship management tool, and there’s no lack of functionality to support that.”


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